""DEPENDENTS'INCOME CRITERIA: INCOME LIMIT TO DEFINE A DEPENDENT WOULD BE Rs. 10,000/- PER MONTH (as against the existing Rs.3,500/- p.m.)...AGREED AS PER INDIAN BANKS ASSOCIATION IN THE RECENT WAGE REVISION""...""THE INSURER SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL ACTS AND OMISSIONS OF ITS AGENTS INCLUDING VIOLATION OF CODE OF CONDUCT SPECIFIED UNDER THESE GUIDELINES," IRDA said.""......"" LIC TO INVEST Rs 1.5 LAKH CRORE IN RAILWAYS OVER 5 YEARS FROM NOW""......"" Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA)said insurance companies can appoint individual agents on their own without license from the regulator from April 1, 2015""......"" FURTHER TALKS ON BANK MEN WAGE REVISION (NON-CORE) LIKELY WILL BE HELD ON 16TH & 17TH INST.AND TO FINALIZE TOTAL PACKAGE"".. "" FINALLY INSURANCE LAWS (AMENDMENTS) BILL, 2015 WAS PASSED IN RAJYA SABHA ON 12th MARCH, 2015""..."" N.F.G.I.E. AND ALL ITS' AFFILIATED UNITS STRONGLY CONDEMNED THE UNILATERAL AND AUTOCRATIC WAY THE N.D.A. GOVT. ADOPTED IN ENCOURAGING THE MULTINATIONALS INTEREST IN INSURANCE SECTOR IN INDIA"".....""NFGIE and All it's affiliated GICEU' Units of respective States are NOT PARTICIPATING IN the strike on 9th. March 2015 called by AIIEA and BVKS since the strike call is not from Joint Forum""....""ON THE EVE OF WOMEN'S DAY I.E. ON 08TH MARCH,2015 - NEW INDIA ASSURANCE MANAGEMENT HAS SANCTIONED Rs.250/- ONLY AS GIFT TO ALL LADY EMPLOYEES""..."" LOK SABHA TODAY (04.3.2015)PASSES INSURANCE BILL-2015 ""...""WAGE REVISION DISCUSSIONS OUT COME ON 03.03.2015:-"" GIPSA STRAIGHT AWAY OFFERED 15% TOWARDS WAGE REVISION with MANAGEMENT AGENDA"" ..""NEW INDIA MANAGEMENT AGREED TO INCLUDE DEPENDANT CHILDREN IN GROUP MEDICLAIM""...""3rd ROUND OF WAGE NEGOTIATIONS WITH 'GIPSA' AT HYDERABAD ON 03.03.2015 ""…...""L.I.C. MANAGEMENT OFFERED WAGE REVISION @12.5% TO IT'S EMPLOYEES WITH SOME PRE-CONDITIONS""<............. ""Insurance Australia Group (IAG) currently owns 26 per cent of SBI General Insurance. After the deal, SBI's stake in the venture will fall to 51 per cent"...."" UPON PASSING INSURANCE LAWS(AMENDMENTS) BILL,2015 IN RAJYA SABHA ON 12TH INST.; FOREIGN PLAYERS (BHARTI, RELIANCE, MAX INDIA AND SBI GROUPS) GEARING UP TO HIKE THEIR STAKE IN THEIR RESPECTIVE INSURANCE JOINT VENTURES WITH THEIR OVERSEAS PARTNERS""......"" N.F.G.I.E AND GICEU-AP WISHES ALL WOMEN OF THIS UNIVERSE - "HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY"(O8TH MARCH, 2015) IN ADVANCE""...""Payment of Ex-Gratia for 2014-15 f.y. to eligible employees in PSGI Comapnies - Cleared by GIPSA"...""NFGIE"" invited for Structured Meeting by New India Management on 14th Feb.,2015, to discuss various Important Policy matters""..."" Insurance companies offer cover for second medical opinion""..""RBI ALLOWS FPIs/FIIs and NRIs TO INVEST UP TO 26% UNDER THE AUTOMATIC ROUTE SHALL BE PERMITTED IN THE INSURANCE AND ALLIED ACTIVITIES...W.E.F. 4TH FEB.,2014 ""...."" The AICPI for Jan., 2014 :237 and for Feb.,2014 at :238 points, For March expected 239 points.."".."" The country's largest non-life company — New India Assurance — will soon seek the regulator's approval to sell a combined policy that covers personal accident, household and health insurance.""...."Retirement fund body Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) on Monday(14TH JAN.,2014) announced a rise in interest rate on provident fund (PF) deposits to 8.75 per cent for 2013-14, to benefit 50 million subscribers""..... "" SERVICE IS THE GATE WAY TO GROWTH "".."23rd JULY IS NEW INDIA'S FOUNDATION DAY(23rd JULY,1919)""..""WHETHER CLIENT IS BIG OR SMALL SERVE TO ALL""....


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List Of General Insurance Companies

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