"" We have been informed by Mr. Vasant Khande,Mumbai that Mr. Ashish Shelar,MLA and BJP President of Mumbai is going to attend our NFGIE conference on 1st October,2015 in Chennai""...""Wage revision and Pension Option – Programme of Agitation::: 1. Lunch Hour demonstrations in all centres on 15th and 23rd September.2. Signature campaign (memorandum addressed to Finance Minister) to complete by 23rdSeptember.;3. No late sitting in offices and no work on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays w.e.f. 23rd September, 2015;4. Joint Employees meetings in all offices to campaign;5. Perspective of strike actions in October ""......"23RD JULY IS NEW INDIA'S FOUNDATION DAY(23RD JULY, 1919). ON THIS HAPPY OCCASSION, LET ALL NEW INDIANS TO RE-DEDICATE THEMSELVES ONCE AGAIN TO BRING BACK IT'S GLORY AND TO RETAIN NO.1 POSITION WITH PROFITS

Thank u all for staging a successful DHARNA today (06.7.2015) all over India as part of JFTU programme. At Mumbai we met Chairman GIPSA who informed that ministry is insisting on wage settlement on bank line only. Still they are pursuing with the ministry for getting sanction for a better package for PSGI Companies citing various factors. Due to this GIPSA is delaying resumption of wage negotiation. More stringent TU action is needed by JFTU against Ministry of Finance stand. JFTU will decide its further programme....Than 'Q'...Sujit Bagchi,General Secretary, "NFGIE""...""


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

21st September, 2015.

General Manager (HRM)
The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.,
87, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Mumbai – 400001.

 Dear Sir,

I hope you are aware a list of pending request transfer applications of Class I officers (Inter- region) have been submitted on behalf of NFGIE . We are regularly pursuing with Corp: HRM Dept.  for issuance of necessary order from  concerned authority.

We have come to know that as per Corp; HRM guideline only those who have completed 3 years are going to be considered and those whose duration in present place of posting is less than three years can only be transferred only on medical ground.

But we are surprised to receive information that even all applicants those who have completed stipulated period of posting will not be transferred in the coming transfer exercise. You are aware that a large nos. of A.Os have been recruited in the last few years and have been placed in various part s of the country. All these new recruits whose request transfer are pending are in the expectation of receiving necessary transfer orders.

I like to point out  that  at the  time of last year recruitment of Scale 1 officers  replacement should provided in those  offices from  where new recruits  in scale 1 officers  have applied for transfer/   likely to seek transfer.

I like to highlight the plight of those new recruits Scale 1 officers who are far away from residence and are anxiously waiting for their request transfer for materialization. I request you to issue transfer orders and if require arrange the replacement from current Promotion exercise from Sr. Asstt. cadre to  A.O cadre.

I request you to consider all pending request application s and boost the morale of the applicants.

With regards,
Sd/- xx xx xx,

Sunday, September 13, 2015


 Date: 10.09.2015

To All Officers and Employees of PSGI Companies,

Dear Comrades/Friends,

Re: Wage Revision and Pension Option – Programme of Agitation 

The joint meeting of all Unions/Associations of Public Sector General Insurance companies was held at Chennai on 8th September, 2015. Almost all the Unions/Associations were represented in the meeting – AIIEA, GIEAIA, NFGIE, BVKS, Confed/UIIOA, NIAOA, OICOA & NICOA, GIOAIA, AIGIFWA, AIGI SC/ST Emp. Welfare Assn. and AIGI SC/ST Emp. Parishad (Jayamurthy). The meeting congratulated all the officers and employees for their magnificent response in implementing the programme of action successfully during the months July and August, 2015. However, the meeting expressed its disappointment over the continued delay and management’s inability to call the unions for negotiations in settling the wage revision and pension option. 1st September 2015 marks the completion of 37 months since the wage revision fell due in August, 2012. In this background the officers and employees have no other option but to embark on an agitation path. Therefore, the meeting of unions decided the following programme of action and forces the management and the government to start the process of negotiations on the basis of a meaningful offer without further delay.
 1. Lunch Hour demonstrations in all centers on 15th and 23rd September.
 2. Signature campaign (memorandum addressed to Finance Minister) to complete by 23rd September.
 3. No late sitting in offices and no work on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays w.e.f. 23rd September, 2015.
4. Joint Employees meetings in all offices to campaign.
5. Perspective of strike actions in October.

The meeting also decided that if GIPSA do not start the process to settle the wage issue and another option to the employees to join the 1995 pension scheme the unions will meet in the 1st week of October to chalk out further programmes of action with a perspective of one day strike. : 2 : We call upon the employees and officers to implement the programme into-to and make it a grand success.

 With greetings, 
 Yours Comradely,

 P.K. Dharamthok, General Secretary,GIEAIA; Sujit Bagchi,General Secretary,NFGIE; K.V.V.S.N.Raju, Secretary,Standing Committee(GI) AIIEA;  Rajib Banerjee,  General Secretary, NICOA; S. Balan, General Secretary, NIAOA; Girish Khurana, General Secretary, OICOA;  V Mohan Kumar,General Secretary, UIIOA; M VIJAYAKUMAR, sd/- Secretary General (CWC) General Secretary, GIOAIA ; Sd/- General Secretary AIGIFWA;  Sd/-  General Secretary, GIDOF; 
G.Jayamurthy General Secretary   AIGI SC/ST Emp.Parishad (Jayamurthy);  Dilip Pawar, Chairman, AIGI SC/ST Emp. Welfare Association 

Dear Members,

Pl find attachment draft memorandum to Finance Minister. Pl make additions/deletions if any.

Yours sincerely,
Sujit Bagchi
General Secretary,
           Place  :
           Date   :
 Shri Arun Jaitley,
Minister for Finance,
Government of India,
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

Wage Revision in Public Sector General Insurance Companies

We, the employees and officers of National/New India/Oriental/United India working at …………………………………………………………….. (Office) express our anguish and disappointment over the inordinate delay in settling the demand for wage revision.  The wage revision in Public Sector General Insurance Cos fell due on 1.8.2012 and despite the passage of over three years this demand is still pending resolution.  The progress Public Sector General Insurance Companies have been registering year after year is in your knowledge and we are happy that you are very appreciative of the work being done by these great institutions.  Therefore, we do not want to burden you with all the details of the working of PSGI Companies to justify our demand for a good wage revision.  Still we would like to place some important aspect of the functioning of PSGI Companies that are relevant to the issue of wage revision.

The last wage revision in PSGI Cos took place on 1.8.2007.  The period between 1.8.2007 and 31.7.2012 witnessed impressive performance by PSGI Cos in every aspect of their functioning despite a very difficult economic environ. The Gross Direct Premium Income (GDPI) increased from Rs.16,832 crore to Rs.42,591 crore. The market share of PSGI Cos has increased from 54.76% in FY 2014-15 to 56.58% as at August for current FY 2015-16.    The PSGI Cos share of dividend to the Government rose from Rs.599 crore for FY 2013-14 to Rs.665 Crore for the FY 2014-15.  The financial strength of 4 PSGI Co in the form of Reserves and Surplus was increased to Rs.22662 crore in the Financial Year 2014-15 when compared to Rs.18131 crore for the FY 2012-13. The GIC Re has paid the Dividend of Rs.540 crore for FY 2014-15 as against Rs.449 crore in FY 2013-14. The financial strength of GIC Re in the form of Reserves and Surplus was increased to Rs.13364 crore in the Financial Year 2014-15 when compared to Rs.9232 crore for the FY 2012-13. The productivity of the employees registered a massive increase.  The per capita premium generation rose from Rs.46 lakh for the year 2011-12 to Rs.58.6 lakh for the year 2013-14. The number of Policies issued by an employee at an average of 663 during 2008 stands increased to 1163 in the year 2014.  It is in the background of this impressive performance to which the employees have made immense contribution, we have been demanding a satisfactory wage revision.

The employees and officers have also been asking for a final option to join the pension scheme.  The Employees’ Pension Scheme was introduced in 1995 replacing the management’s contribution towards PF. The employees recruited between 1995 and 31.3.2010 were compulsorily covered by Pension Scheme.  The PSGI Cos introduced a new scheme of Pension to those who joined the services after 1.4.2010. Only around 12 percent of A small portion of employees who were in service in 1995 and did not opt for the Pension Scheme are seeking an option to join the Pension Scheme 1995.  The number is small and the Pension is fully funded in PSGI Cos.  Therefore, we do not feel any difficulty in agreeing to this request from those employees for an option to join the Pension Scheme as a final opportunity.

We are happy to note that on a number of occasions, you have said that if an industry does well, the employees should get benefitted.  We appreciate this reasoning.  The PSGI Cos have done well and therefore our demand for a good wage revision is totally justified.  We request you to instruct the GIPSA management to convene discussions with the unions and settle the wage revision at the earliest.

We look forward for a positive response from you for which we shall be very thankful to you.

                                                            Yours faithfully,


Friday, August 21, 2015

Problems of female employees who are given posting to different stations on promotions or transfer on TMP.

The Chairman-cum-Managing Director,                    Date: 20TH August,2015
The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.,
87, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort,
Mumbai – 400001.

Dear Sir,

I am constrained to bring under your kind  attention  the problems of female  employees who are given   posting to different  stations   on promotions or transfer on TMP.

In this connection , I like to appraise you that since last one year we are  constantly pursuing with GIPSA management  as well as you  as CMD of New India   for implementation of the  Circular dt 23rd. Sept.2014  issued  by Dept. of Financial Services , Insurance –I Section , Ministry of Finance , Govt. of India. ( Ref. No. S- 11012/04/ 2014/Ins.I)

As our information goes ,  you are aware of the said circular and  that you are in the process of seeking  clarification   from  the Ministry  for  implementation of the same. We are utterly  dismayed that  even after the lapse of 11 months  you are  yet  to receive desired  clarification . It seems your officials  entrusted with are less  serious  about   implementation of the said circular and averse to  making any sincere effort  towards effecting the scheme.

Needless to mention   that the hardship  and sufferings that  vast number of female employees/ officers   are confronted with because of adverse postings could have been mitigated  had the aforesaid Circular was  made effective  by this time .

Now  when, posting on promotion and transfer on TMP in New India  is on the anvil  in all cadres, I once again request you  to start with clearing the pending cases  at least up-to the cadre of Scale II officers (Asstt. Manager). The said Circular also be made effective forth- with  in  regard to current Promotional Posting / Posting on TMP  of female employees/ officers and not cause further loss of  time for getting the long  awaited clarification and thus provide relief to those employees/officers who have been transferred after 23.9.2014.

I earnestly request you to take the issue seriously on priority basis and do the  needful in line with the spirit and contents of the circular referred to.

Awaiting your positive response at the earliest.

 Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
Sd/- xx xx xx,

Waive the provision of holding examination under Para 15 for promotion to Asst. cadre

20th August, 2015

C/o. The New India Assurance Co Ltd.,
87, M G Road,

Dear sir,

I like to  inform you that  on behalf of NFGIE  the demand  was placed to waive the provision of holding examination under Para 15 for promotion  to Asst. cadre vide  letter dt 7.8.15 to you.  Subsequently, in reply to a mail dt.11.8.2015 from Mr. Harish Adhlakha, Manager, GIPSA  the demand  was reiterated. 

But till now we have not been intimated any further development in this respect. . Hence, again your attention to the issue is being drawn.   It is unfortunate that  t he  decision of GIPSA   to hold  examination    on -line  mode  in this year unilaterally  without  discussing the issue   with check -off qualified unions is a serious departure from the existing  practice. Please recall that  in the meeting  with GIPSA held on 1.1.2015 at New Delhi  all the unions opposed to GIPSA ’s proposal of conducting  examination on-line  mode  and it was suggested that the issue would be taken up at the time of  discussion  on revision of Promotion Policy .

But till now discussion on revision of promotion policy has not taken place and suddenly this year GIPSA has arbitrarily taken the decision to conduct the examination through on-line mode.  The holding of examination for promotion to Asstt. Grade from Sub-staff and Record clerk cadre through on- line mode  has caused serious resentment amongst the candidates. It is obvious  that considering the age factor of most of the  subordinate staffs and Record Clerks  it will be a really injustice to ask  them  to appear examination on-line mode .

Under this circumstances, we demand that the system of holding the examination under Para 15 be do away with and necessary instructions to this effect be issued  .

 Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
  Sd/-xx xx xx